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<p>Thank you so much for submitting your very powerful poem for consideration as Featured Poem of the Week.  I am impressed by your rhythms and imagery – consistent throughout your poem.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me, Susan</p>


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Falling machine

<p dir="ltr">I feel like a God, In a realm of love.<br />A madness, breaking out of the machinery epoch.<br />A virus, scattering in a binary program.<br />A Chaos, demolishing mechanical geometry.<br />Madness is my adjective.<br />Darkness is my Christ.<br />I walk in this programmed destiny and I hear the metallic sound of falling screws. <br />I watch this machine breaking down as I walk. <br />I feel like a God in a realm of love.</p>
<p dir="ltr">I am a breaker of patterns.<br />Duster of minds.<br />Madness is my adjective.<br />Darkness is my Christ.<br />My black footprints are bleeding and roses are so red,<br /><u>this Blood, on my lips</u>,<u> is an indication of hell.</u><br />You called me a demon, in your imaginary light,<br />In the realm of love, I feel like a God. </p>