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<p>Thank you for sharing your work with me.  I feel the emotion but I am "hearing" it – being told it – rather than having you show me, through imagery.  "Nice" as what – an image for "hate" – an image for "tears rolling down your face"…  You have all you need to create a very meaningful poem, just take the time to read a few contemporary poems and poets, and apply the techniques of poetry to your poem.  I would be happy to see it again, after you have had a chance to work on it.</p>


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Glad: you found someone

<p>Yeah! I misunderstood that <br />You will be mine always<br />If you don't like me <br />Than why are you so nice to me<br />You know that i can't even resist it<br />Yeah! I misunderstood this<br />You only mean to me<br />But if you hate me<br />I am glad with it<br />You see my face<br />Even tears roll down on it<br />I will smile doesn't matter <br />Who you are in love with.</p>