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<p>Thank you so much for submitting this very beautifully written and heartfelt poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Week.  You certainly have an amazing command of language and no shortage of very poetic words.  What I like best about your poem, is when you create images that I can see or taste or touch or smell or hear.  Thank you so much for sharing your poem with me,  Susan</p>


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I am a part of…

<p>O' my heart: my precious;<br />I am a part of the leaves, emollient rustling, <br />Ebullient, I sift through the foraying meadows bustling. <br />I hold stern and plunge with the water where the ground bleeds, <br />Frolicking, I play with the fish, nigh the reeds. <br />I do dance and prance through the eaves procacious, <br />Defiantly, do I scowl at the abyss with a breast loquacious. <br />I am a part of the pristine white on the frugal rock, <br />And the foliage that rebels undaunted, the frigid do they mock. <br />I swathe in the smell of petrichor by the sea, <br />I coddle the hatchling, cooped, persevering, with a glee. <br />I genuflect before the titan land hovering with a just wreath, <br />And I bring the tide that crashes punctilious, with its canines underneath. <br />Riding the sunrays that encroach the lifeless spectre, <br />I am part of the flora, reeling in it, which flaunts its nectar. <br />I scoot with the elated man who, with love, is beguiled, <br />And sigh endearingly, at the wronged soul who still smiled. <br />Do not seek me amidst the sepulchres of void, <br />I stumble, I amble, I am not there, I did not die.</p>