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i am here

<p>We were friends since childhood</p>
<p>I don’t know if it had to any good</p>
<p>He may be sometime rude</p>
<p>But he is the best I have that I finally conclude</p>
<p>And then I learn how to love a guy</p>
<p>Secretly as the years goes by</p>
<p>We grow up together and I just cant deny</p>
<p>Rending my feeling and leave it dry</p>
<p>He may be a geek</p>
<p>He may be a Holmes freak</p>
<p>He may be a huge magnet of chick</p>
<p>But in my heart he is the only one I seek,</p>
<p>And then one day when we were at school land</p>
<p>We spent the time hand in hand</p>
<p>We had fun oh so grand</p>
<p>Never had I thought I would loose him unplanned</p>
<p>He saw a man near a coaster</p>
<p>He bid good bye I thought its blither</p>
<p>And since that time I didn’t see him again</p>
<p>He call and say he will be back but when?</p>
<p>When will I see again his face</p>
<p>I want to see him but he say he has a case</p>
<p>He become missing without a trace</p>
<p>I miss him minutes, hours and days</p>
<p>And then one day a case for my father came</p>
<p>He show up like he still has fame</p>
<p>He solve the mystery just like the same</p>
<p>He beat the bad guy in his own game</p>
<p>At last I saw him again just like that</p>
<p>I wanted to cry but he will say I have gone mad,</p>
<p>After all the mystery that someone begat</p>
<p>He told me something he is so serious at</p>
<p>“please wait for me “he said</p>
<p>He told me like he will again go ahead</p>
<p>And I was right he just flew again</p>
<p>Leaving me again like an airhead</p>
<p>Tears fell from my eyes straight</p>
<p>But because I believe he is my fate</p>
<p>And he is the one I cant hate</p>
<p>So I will keep my promise and wait</p>
<p>I don’t know why he is always leaving</p>
<p>I know their got to be something</p>
<p>So for now for the one I am loving</p>
<p>I am here and I will be waiting</p>
<p>Even if it will take him forever</p>
<p>I am here to face that terror</p>
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