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<p>Damnnn girllll!!!<br />This made me emotional ngl :)</p>


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I never told you but…

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<p>They say,<br />What happens, happens for a reason;<br />To learn and to perhaps unlearn,<br />no matter what I say, <br />I never told you but, will today, <br />I cannot change what happened no matter how hard I try my way,<br />I can change what happens next if I could shattered my day,<br />I never told you but, <br />I have known the feeling of being scared, having to tread on the every path I dread,<br />Yet the feeling of being unlove in the darkness that nobody shared, <br />I love myself though in the dark with the hope for the sunshine to spread. <br />I never told you but,<br />I know it's bitter in the heart,<br />I know it's never easy with myself to depart, the heartbeat of experience displayed in the memories,<br />the soul of time and space shown as moments of history.<br />I never told you but,<br />It's a moonbeam unseen but bright,<br />which is always with me on the darkest night, telling the tale of how hopes dance with the ray,<br />The secret of emotions and inspiring strength of music all my way.</p>
<p>I never told you but,<br />Time is the gift never measured by cost, <br />just priceless minutes or hours to lost, comfort in sadness, or laughter in joy, <br />To a loved one, a friend or a passerby. <br />I never told you but,<br />I thought second chance was easy to get, how do I live with myself? knowing I could have nothing to breathe,<br />I titled towards the path,<br />losing myself from very start,<br />Chances and chances ruined every beat, <br />I do not wish to cuddle with regret, <br />I never told you but,<br />Should I let the past remain past..?<br />Or else if it eats me away at last..<br />What happens, happens for a reason,<br />though the reasons are sometimes never known,<br />Still, I pray this dawn comes,<br />Let I submerge into forever moans..<br />I never told you but,<br />for I do not know which is harder;<br />losing someone in death or friendship or happiness forever…<br />I am glad you walked away,<br />for I would never have let go,<br />I never told you but today,<br />After I parts my ways to sorrows and foes..<br />-Muskaan</p>