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<p>Thank you so much for submitting this powerful poem for consideration as Featured Poem of the Week.  I will be announcing the poem I select in my Friday newsletter and the posting the winning poem on the Featured Poem of the Week page.  I am grateful for such an outpouring of emotional, intensely felt poems.  I have a hard job selecting just one.  Thank you again, Susan</p>


Original Post by Phoenix

I want to apply for featuring this poem of mine.

<p><strong>The lone warrior in the war of roses:</strong></p>
<p>There are some wars–<br />To fight on my own.<br />Walls tumbling down,<br />I am gonna tackle alone.<br />I bleed rapidly–<br />To guard the smells of roses,<br />Long gone.</p>
<p>Heaven crashing–<br />Approaching doom.<br />Not too soon?<br />But I make a room:<br />One for me and my feelings.<br />Yes they are important–<br />And they will be.<br />They are ever loyal,<br />Never betray.<br />All can–<br />But they–<br />Won't ever leave me astray.</p>
<p>Self-obsessed?<br />Yes that's good.<br />At the setting dusk–<br />The figure in the mirror,<br />Won't ever be rude.</p>
<p>Scared of darkness?<br />I have faced it.<br />By my soul's flame..<br />The world has got lit.</p>
<p>Bleeding elbows, jaws and knees–<br />Doesn't bother me anymore.<br />"The world at my door,<br />FEAR ME!!!!!<br />I HAVE SURVIVED:<br />AS THE LONE WARRIOR."</p>
<p>– <em>Phoenix</em></p>