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<p>What a very emotional poem.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  I could have hoped for less rhyme and more imagery and, the request this week was for a two line poem, using imagery, that describes a feeling.  I like the journey the poem takes us on and I like that at the end, you "smile."  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">When life seems ironical <br />And words seem fake, <br />When emotions are valueless <br />And humanity stands for sake, <br />When situations are worst <br />But its image seems great, <br />When they so called understand <br />But just say watch and wait, <br />The bruises seem so brutal<br />Like the one who did was paid, <br />When the most trustworthy person hurts <br />And the stereotype breaks, <br />When tears roll down each day <br />And the next day I smile <br />But the irony still stays…</div>