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<p>Thank you so much for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month.  I feel your passion and share your need to write and write and write.  How wonderful to be "afflicted" by a love of poetry.  I am thankful you chose to share you poem with me.  Thank you again, Susan</p>


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It goes on and on

<p style="text-align: center;">The Clock struck twelve<br />But I know not, how to let these thoughts shelve<br />How else do I plea<br />When everything seems to disagree? <br />Eventually attesting the words of my allies, that it's not my cup of tea<br />But does anybody really know, what to do, where to go? <br />For nothing here is making sense<br />And all I see is endless<br />Yet, for once I think, for once I want, for once I wish<br />Being the best of me is not an act too childish<br />And every desire of mine is a dream come true<br />With a never ending hope that guides me through and through<br />Alas! this imagination of mine is put to work<br />Always in the dark<br />Unaware of all the ifs and buts that lurk<br />Waiting to make a sharp remark<br />So is the culprit really my mind, where all my thoughts are confined? <br />Or is it the fault of me and my present combined<br />That drags me back, to a world so unkind? <br />Oh this war of thoughts, struck the peace of silence<br />And the rebel rises in the form of my poetry<br />For my pen doesn't know how to stop, <br />It goes on and on! <br />It goes on and on!</p>