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<p>Thank you so much for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Week.  There is a lot going on in this poem, from your questions and answers, to the "clipped" tone of the poem which encourages us to move from one line to the next.  I really liked the question/answer style of your poem, which challenges us to address those questions for ourselves.  Poetry should engage the reader, and you've done a very good job with that.  Have a very creative day, Susan</p>


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Let me think

<p>Let me think <br />About the last person<br />On the face of the earth<br />Would he be the captain<br />Or the begger left behind</p>
<p>Let me think <br />About the poetry<br />That has shook my soul<br />Did it break my illusion<br />Or gave the inoculum for thought</p>
<p>Let me think <br />About the dreams<br />I watched everyday with naked eyes<br />Did it consume me<br />Or is just another delusion</p>
<p>Let me think <br />About the marrow of life<br />Which asks me to live<br />Is just an anatomical thing<br />Or it has greater purpose</p>
<p>Let me think <br />About the laughs<br />Which bring memories<br />Are they really exist there<br />Or just some candid visual in long term storage</p>
<p>Let me think <br />About everything and nothing<br />Because words and ideas<br />Are only reality <br />To live a life and to really live it</p>
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