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<p>Thank you very much for sharing this very rhythmic poem.  I very much liked "life disguised as ocean, or / ocean disguised as life."  You might want to think about your line break and see if there is a way to make your ending even more dramatic and meaningful.  All best, Susan</p>


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life, ocean

<p class="p2" style="text-align: left;"><em><span class="s2">ocean, sometimes stable, </span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">another time unstable,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">depending on moon, sometime strong,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">sometimes fragile,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">on the hustle to balance, </span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">lost the track of wind,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">flew away, </span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">waves set it back,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">tied up,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">sailed with new aim, infinite thoughts, </span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">with a beauty like pressure of air,</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">life disguised as ocean, or</span></em></p>
<p class="p2"><em><span class="s2">ocean disguised as life.</span></em></p>