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<p>What a very lovely and lighthearted picture you paint with your words.  There is so much joy and love in this poem, one cannot help but feel it.  I am happy that you chose to share it with me.  It definitely brought a smile to my face.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Light of life

<p>Enthusiastic, energetic, full of life<br />Words are not enough to describe her personal-self<br />She finds happiness in everything she sees<br />Buzzing around in excitement just like the honey-bees</p>
<p><br />She taught me how to take things lightly<br />Sometimes it's okay to show some tantrums slightly<br />A quick please, sorry and thank you<br />Will not make your status undervalue</p>
<p><br />Making me furious every once in a while<br />Soon she melts my heart with her innocent smile<br />Enchanting me with her purest soul<br />Her happiness is my only goal</p>
<p>A hug and kiss from her flushes away any of the stress<br />We are bounded by a divine tress<br />Carried her first in my womb and then in my heart<br />She is the light of our life right from the start</p>