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<p>Thank you for sharing your work with me.  I have to be honest and say that your words do not clearly say what you want to say, in English.  I am unsure of the message – "love at its end is like the butterfly that becomes ("flaws" does not work here.)  I would love to know what your message is and it could be told in the form of an image.  If the message is, that – at the end love is flawed – then how does the butterfly represent that? if you choose to use the butterfly as your image, in what way is the butterfly flawed? The definition of flawed is "blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way." "I think you have the beginning of a short one or two line poem, but now it needs to be crafted into something we can both understand, and relate to.  Please feel free to resubmit after you've had a chance to work on it.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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<p>Love at end when butterfly became the flaws</p>