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<p>What a very lovely tribute, poetically, to "Mom."  May I suggest that the word you want in your first line is "me" not "my."  And I would also suggest that your remove the commas and just let the lines flow one into another.  I will definitely, if you think the edits will work for you, consider your poem for featuring on my Instagam poetladykatz page one day in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you so very much for sharing you work with me, Susan</p>


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<p>A beautiful message gave my life,</p>
<p>When I first said , 'mom'</p>
<p>That world is filled with words to,</p>
<p>Speak and express,</p>
<p>Learn and teach.</p>
<p>And to make you smile and cry.</p>