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<p>Thank you for sharing.  This is a powerful poem with some really wonderful moments.  I do think that the emotion, the sensibility you are trying to share, comes through beautifully.  I don't have the time today, but would love to make some editing suggestions – point out a couple of typos – and, perhaps, once the poem finds its final self, publish it on a "Poem of the Week" post, after the New Year.  Also, it would be helpful, if you would resend to poetlady@earthlink.net and put in your own email address (which will remain private – if you only send as an email) so that I am reminded to work on it and, we have an easy back and forth conversation.</p>
<p>This is really good work.  Have a beautiful, creative day.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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<p>If this be windows to your soul</p>
<p>Darling, your house is flooded,</p>
<p>Cracks on the walls covered by portraits distract gazing eyes,</p>
<p>A room once for your inner child, now darkened with your younger self hiding under the blanket,</p>
<p>Hues of the paint losing its illuminance,</p>
<p>Your door sealed with locks, none, not even the locksmiths could open,</p>
<p>Your tap drips timely, a gentle reminder of the leaks you have not fixed,</p>
<p>Floors soaked; how long can your house bare the weight?</p>
<p>What once was a temple, now ravished by demons and lost souls… your lost soul.</p>
<p>If this be windows to your soul</p>
<p>Darling, your windows are tinted.</p>