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<p>Thank you so much Fahad Khalique, for sharing this very powerfully imagined poem.  I have noticed some grammatical errors and also some spelling errors but, the poem gets its message across.  I can feel the passion and the need to speak your truth. </p>
<p>I very much like the stanza below – you make some very distinct and emotional statements and I would like to just offer a few suggestions on how I think the stanza (and the poem) might benefit from a bit of editing.  See my suggestions in parenthesis below:</p>
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<p>Remember, this is a post-truth era (I would remove the comma and just say – "Remember this 'the' post-truth era…")<br />Where lie lies on the tongue of justice (Where lies lie on the tongue of justice – I love this line!!!)<br />And truth suffocates into the hands of lady justice (I might just say that "truth suffocates" and not use lady justice or justice again.)<br />Sympathy and forgiveness find no shelter (I would remove the "and" – sympathy forgiveness find no shelter…)<br />Peace and harmony are extinct (You might want to say "Peace and harmony 'go' extinct")</p>
<p>I think you should be very proud of the passion, purpose, and poetic technique that you have put into this poem.  Thank you so much for sharing with me, Susan</p>
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Original Post by Fahad Khalique

O dear Humanity

<p>O dear humanity! <br />O beloved humanity! <br />You're very precious to me <br />And I don't want you to forfeit<br />Let's migrate to some other place;<br />Into the hut of a destitute <br />So that you can breathe freely<br />And cherish your presence.</p>
<p>Do you know? <br />This world is enemy; <br />To beautiful things,<br />To divine creations,<br />To heavenly souls,<br />To morality and ethics <br />And, i must acknowledge<br />You will feel alone <br />Humiliated and alienated <br />On the earth, full of humans.</p>
<p>You'll be allegedly abused <br />People will laugh at you<br />They will teach you humanity<br />How to behave, talk and meet <br />Beyond this how to treat <br />And at the last <br />You will be hanged, claiming inhumane.</p>
<p>Remember, this is a post-truth era <br />Where lie lies on the tongue of justice <br />And truth suffocates into the hands of lady justice <br />Sympathy and forgiveness find no shelter <br />Peace and harmony are extinct.</p>
<p>You tell me:<br />What people will do? <br />By adhering to you; <br />It will be a grave loss to them ;<br />They will be mocked <br />In your accompany<br />And people will call them<br />Uncivilised and outdated.</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">Hail to the entire world!<br />When you will be rejected, <br />Like satan defied Adam, <br />By majority of the wits <br />And nobody will follow you <br />So, I suggest, better to leave, <br />This glittering and desired world,<br />To reside in the hut of a destitute.</p>