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<p>What a very powerful and "passionately" written poem.  It is filled with emotion and imagery and, in its own way, is stark and striking  I am grateful to consider it for Featured Poem of the Week.  I have received so many wonderfully written poems, it will be very hard choosing one to feature.  I thank you for being a part of Poet Lady Katz and hope to read more of your work in the weeks to come.  Have a very fine day, Susan</p>


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<p> Here is my poem "Our Last Meeting"; sending it for consideration for the featured poem of the week.</p>
<p>Love was not a great thing for me,<br />Loving you was not a choice,<br />It didn’t commence,<br />It didn’t proceed,<br />It didn’t happen,<br />It wasn’t a love story,<br />It wasn’t him or her,<br />It wasn’t them,<br />Wasn’t that place,<br />Wasn’t that day, that hour,<br />Could be me, my body, my heart, or could not be this too.<br />Intimacies, rather making love,<br />Making a day, a night,<br />Needed no desires, no moans, no sighs, no breaths, and no movements.<br />Like.., just like my amoebic drawings of childhood.<br />They all did that, I also wanted to,<br />Or maybe I did not.<br />A robe, a bucket, a hair, a bag, a grain of sand, some sea shells,<br />All blue-white-pink-grey-orange-any colour all,<br />A thoughtless and emotional looking “really really nice”<br />But last time, I thought of tearing you off.<br />Gripping you head with my feet and, tearing off the flaps,<br />I did, as I always did, I manhandled with care (myself),<br />Tore everything off; seeing how human blood looks, how it runs;</p>
<p>I don’t have a love story here for YOU.<br />Love isn’t a great thing, for nobody does it.</p>
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