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<p>Thank you so very much for submitting this powerful poem.  You have a real sense of the rhythm and imagery that makes poetry work.  You should be very proud of this poem!  I have received so many wonderful poems, it will be a very difficult choice, choosing just one.  I am grateful for your interest in my site and my mission to spread the beauty and power of poetry to all corners of the globe.  Have a lovely day, Susan</p>


Original Post by Sneha


<p>The past, <br />A strong gut of regret<br />And the ever-ringing voices;<br />Pain, <br />Where the thorax meets the abdomen—<br />A kind, of unknown origin, <br />Or varied —<br />A liver that has given up, <br />Or nights spent sitting on the living room floor, <br />Or cups, stained with lipstick and coffee, <br />A head that belonged on the stakes —<br />That could see things, one shouldn't. <br />One wouldn't write, <br />If one could afford to; <br />For one ages faster <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;">But</span> never dies<br />In poetry.<br />Death —<br />Stars, <br />Young lovers,<br />Children and good fathers, <br />Evil rarely deserve death.</p>
<p>My bones ache too much <br />To carry my soul well.</p>