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<p>What a very emotional poem.  It is so personal and painful, it is almost hard to read.  I wonder, from a poetic point of view, if you could find a way to say all of this in fewer lines, using imagery.  I believe you have a poem here, one that needs to be written, it just needs some poetic techniques applied – imagery (metaphor and simile) rhythm, alliteration, rhyme if you so desire – and a tightening of the lines so that they become a fist, not an open hand.  Thank you so much for sharing,  I was genuinely touched and moved by your words.  – Susan</p>


Original Post by Tamreen Sultana

Pretty Little lies

<p style="text-align: left;"><em>Lies are easy to come by </em></p>
<p>people look you in the eye and lie and you won't even realize it   </p>
<p> We lie to people we love,we lie to strangers and sometimes we lie to ourselves</p>
<p> Unknowingly we mastered the degree to lie, to live a life that is a mere fragment of your imagination </p>
<p>It's easy to hide the truth behind the curtains of deception </p>
<p>It's easy to hide your emotions rather than explaining to people about the struggle you go through everyday by the every second of that ticking clock</p>
<p>Often people declare you the victim or the sinner of the story you lived</p>
<p>No one cares about what really happened to you,</p>
<p>about the fact that you are constantly being drowned despit the efforts to swim</p>
<p>They are more interested to print you as the headlines in the evening gossips of society </p>
<p>you become the topic of every whisper</p>
<p>It's not the miracle of nature that I'm still breathing,</p>
<p>It's my fight for the survival </p>
<p>Fight from my demons so that i could see the light of the next day </p>
<p>I move around the same circle of violence and pain,</p>
<p>experiencing the same paradox of space and time </p>
<p>I am tired,</p>
<p>tired of hearing things,</p>
<p>tired of people suggesting me how to behave </p>
<p>I keep running to find my home,to find a place where i feel belonged </p>
<p>and I don’t know how to stop,</p>
<p>I don't know if i could,</p>
<p>I dont know If i could let people see my true image, </p>
<p>My heart aches to feel love,</p>
<p>to feel anything than this buzzing pain</p>
<p>a constant reminder that my heart is broken,</p>
<p>that i have been betrayed by the people i once loved</p>
<p>The fact that my heart still has a rythm is my hope ,</p>
<p>hope that I survive to see the better life i deserve </p>
<p>I am scared that i might snap,</p>
<p>that I might loose my grip on my dreams, on my goals</p>
<p>I am scared to loose everything that took years for me to build</p>
<p>Scared that my name will be dragged in a mudpit of shamefulness </p>
<p>The prophecy that I will make everything alright one day is my hope to wake up in the morning,</p>
<p>to keep fighting </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Tamreen Sultana  (@passage_of_love17)</p>