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<p>Good Morning from Connecticut, USA.  Thank you for sending me your "March" poem.  I very much like the gentle rhythm of it and the quiet, but clear message.  However, there are a couple of suggestions I would like to make.</p>
<p>A call in March,</p>
<p>By the honouring blooms, (This does not translate well into English -"honored" blooms would work)</p>
<p>The time to vanish wrath,  (Is it "the" time or "A" time?</p>
<p>The time for foe and friends, (Is it "the" time or "A" time?)</p>
<p>While strolling over whispering birds! (We would not stroll "over" birds – that would be stepping on them – we might stroll to the sound of whispering birds.)</p>
<p>If you would like to make some edits, please resubmit and I will consider your poem for a future "featured poem" – probably the last week in March.</p>
<p>Thank you for sending and for your interest in www.poetladykatz.com  – Susan</p>


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Search in March!

<p>A call in March,</p>
<p>By the honouring blooms,</p>
<p>The time to vanish wrath,</p>
<p> The time for foe and friends,</p>
<p>While strolling over whispering birds!</p>
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