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this is a powerful poem. There are powerful feelings. But who is the boy. Please tell your readers


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<p>Drink, sip on the liquor,</p>
<p>Lips on its circular shape ,</p>
<p>It's when your eyes seem heavy that you speak truth,</p>
<p>You don't like my hair, it's too long you say,</p>
<p>My voice too soft to cheer you up, </p>
<p>My shape uneven so it turns you off,</p>
<p>Not loose enough to have fun, I shouldn't worry about that girl, </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Sober,your eyes fully open, </p>
<p>I cut my hair made it shorter,</p>
<p>I spoke with more sass and bass in my voice,</p>
<p>Lost the fat you called uneven, </p>
<p>Got loose and had more fun,</p>
<p>And now you worry about that boy</p>