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<p>Thank you so much for sharing this very emotional and heart-felt poem and submitting it for consideration for Featured Poem.  You certainly understand that poetry comes from the heart as well as the brain, and we feel the intensity you have put into this fine poem.  – Susan</p>


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Steps of world

<p>Murdering someone in the womb, they call it treason,</p>
<p>Even after birth, they live in a prison.</p>
<p>Living in four walls of the room,</p>
<p>They are taught to think of the groom.</p>
<p>Burring their expectations, covering their aspirations,</p>
<p>They live a life full of desperation.</p>
<p>Marrying someone by giving plethora of money,</p>
<p>Nurturing each and every relationship with harmony.</p>
<p>Bearing all turmoil and tantrum,</p>
<p>They look firm and venturesome.</p>
<p>Capable of giving life to someone,</p>
<p>They think of shielding their daughter or son.</p>
<p>Cultivating their children for good upbringing,</p>
<p>They seem like a attached string.</p>
<p>From birth till death, they remain the epitome of selflessness,</p>
<p>Known for spreading love, affection and kindness.</p>
<p>They are the warriors of their life,</p>
<p>Not a complicated daughter, mother or wife.</p>