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The feel of the poem is very painful yet a true fact which cannot be hidden nor can it be fathomed….


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Steps of world

<p>Murdering someone in the womb, they call it treason,</p>
<p>Even after birth, they live in a prison.</p>
<p>Living in four walls of the room,</p>
<p>They are taught to think of the groom.</p>
<p>Burring their expectations, covering their aspirations,</p>
<p>They live a life full of desperation.</p>
<p>Marrying someone by giving plethora of money,</p>
<p>Nurturing each and every relationship with harmony.</p>
<p>Bearing all turmoil and tantrum,</p>
<p>They look firm and venturesome.</p>
<p>Capable of giving life to someone,</p>
<p>They think of shielding their daughter or son.</p>
<p>Cultivating their children for good upbringing,</p>
<p>They seem like a attached string.</p>
<p>From birth till death, they remain the epitome of selflessness,</p>
<p>Known for spreading love, affection and kindness.</p>
<p>They are the warriors of their life,</p>
<p>Not a complicated daughter, mother or wife.</p>