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<p>You have certainly done a very fine job of sustaining the "S" sound throughout your poem.  Sometimes, when we concentrate on one element of a poem, we neglect other, equally ( or more important ) elements such as, imagery and clarity of meaning.  I particularly like the "Strains of sun that stain the summer."  You have some fine skills.  I would suggest you try your hand at writing poem(s) that delve into the world of meaning, imagery and rhythmic considerations.  I think you would do very well.  Thank you so much for sharing your poem with me, Susan</p>


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<p style="text-align: center;"><em>Scalding sunlight scathes the sheer stunt</em><br /><em>Sacrificial sounds surround the solivagant sculptor</em><br /><em>Scintillating scenes of studded sequence</em><br /><em>Signs that sing at Simone's stage</em><br /><em>Scoffed and scorned by the shards in sight</em><br /><em>Strains of sun that strain the summer</em><br /><em>Stroking the shattered stairs to the stairway of selcouth </em><br /><em>Submittal to the scurry of the solemn scepter</em><br /><em>Scorching sunbeam slits the scarce sufferers.</em></p>