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New reply from Susan Katz

<p>Thank you so much for sharing your poem and submitting it for consideration as Featured Poem of the week.  I particularly liked this line – "The place where we made<br />Promises that broke us all" – powerful and touching and lovely poetry!  Have a very creative day, Susan</p>


Original Post by Menal Jain

That door

<p>Got a call and I rushed back<br />To that old gate<br />Behind which we spent<br />More than a decade</p>
<p>Door after another<br />And we came to the place<br />Where the laughter can be heard<br />Where we scratched our names</p>
<p>The scribbled walls<br />The crumbled boards<br />The place where we made<br />Promises that broke us all</p>
<p>The swings swayed<br />The balls waved<br />Here we are but<br />Why can't we play?<br />Aren't those the empty grounds<br />That no more wander you away?</p>
<p>I still remember<br />How we landed up here<br />And how we fled<br />Those countless smirks<br />Now makes us feel weird</p>
<p>Be sure to be in contact, <br />Oh, you are busy!<br />When can we meet guys?<br />Now this drives me crazy</p>
<p>Aren't we supposed to be in contact?<br />Shouldn't we be calling?<br />Why is it that your secrets<br />Are no longer known by me?</p>
<p>Earlier we never took permission<br />To stay at each others' home<br />Or to eat up other's lunch<br />But here we are<br />All formal, all abnormal</p>
<p>Punishments that lasted a class<br />Bunks we made in mass<br />The school's nostalgia<br />By which we never can pass</p>