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<p>Thank you for sharing this very interesting and very emotional poem with me. I can sense your investment in your writing and there are some vivid thoughts and lovely moments in your poem.  Keep on writing… – Susan</p>


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The Destined Night

<p>November 7th<br />The day I know,<br />As the day of union of three unknown souls,<br />The souls were bonded,<br />Yes! By Blood they were.<br />Yet! They never met <br />As destiny never permitted so.<br />Then the night came of the magical month,<br />When cards flipped and tables turned.<br />And the souls met unmindful of what would happen next.</p>
<p>The youngest was shy, the introvert,<br />The most caring in the three soul’s world.<br />Never hid conversing the ties of his hearts,<br />And challenged the world in its every part.<br />Love advanced in him,<br />I believe!<br />As he talked to them,<br />Forgetting the introvert part.</p>
<p>The second was clumsy, with a tender heart,<br />Dumbstruck! On seeing her fellow grown up counterparts,<br />Lover of Music or so I believe,<br />As she added her musical laughter to the magical night.<br />The carefree soul, the affectionate one,<br />Always thinking of today and making memories of past.</p>
<p>Third is me the eldest one,<br />Opening my heart to you O’ friend,<br />My words are all hidden feelings of mine as they uncover making the secrets blind,<br />I am too attached to both the souls,<br />And hope they are the same with me,<br />I am a mortal but my love is not,<br />So I unfurl to you the ties of my heart.</p>
<p>As night advanced, the magic too,<br />Placing a sapling of love in their tender hearts<br />Then the time came of saying Goodbye,<br />But now they knew that God does not want them apart.</p>
<p>That was a story of a beautiful past,<br />Where 3 souls met, by sheer chance,<br />And now in future they are again apart,<br />But I could say now, <br />That their hearts are attached by the string of love,<br />And of a short and beautiful past.</p>
<p>:-Mohammad Owais (student)</p>