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<p>Thank you for sharing your intimate poem about love, with me and submitting it to be considered for Featured Poem of the Week.  I hope you have a very lovely day, Susan</p>


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The shadow of love

<p>The shadow of love……</p>
<p>I have met the shadow of love<br />That gives me homey like contentment <br />It isn't black, it's red in colour</p>
<p>I have traversed round the world <br />The shadow doesn't leave me alone <br />Sometimes it follows me <br />While sometimes it resides within me</p>
<p>When I met you it became ours <br />It travelled with us without <br />Considering us apart</p>
<p>But when you left me alone <br />It turned black in colour<br />Unlike you it's with me always<br />Now with it's claws it has <br />Teared my heart apart<br />Which bleeds our's love <br />And the shadow has left too</p>
<p>The heart now remains empty<br />Searching for the new <br />Shadow of love…………………</p>