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<p>You certainly have a lyrical voice and your poem echoes back to a more rhymed and metered era of poetry.  You have captured some delightful moments of nature's transformation and the beauty of the arrival of spring.  I am, currently, looking for 2 to 4 line poems, not rhyming, to feature on my Instagram page.  I thank you so much for sharing and want you to know I very much enjoyed reading your poem.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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The spring song

<p> </p>
<p>The melody of cuckoo brings the news of thy arrival;<br />Her music, so pure and austere, assuring dormant soul's revival.<br />The winter's rival, friend of blossoms, and season golden,<br />Thou hast been awaited by hearts, which have turned cold and frozen.</p>
<p>The mist that lingers still, hangs as a veil down thy maiden face,<br />Mounted upon the fastest mare, of warmth and gleam with thy grace;<br />Crossing the horizon, mountains, brooks and meadows,<br />Thou cast thy charm over the weary woods and burrows.</p>
<p>The trees are loaded with blossoms, waving in the gentle wind;<br />Welcome thee showering their flowers, with the blooming scent of lind.<br />Butterflies fluttering their wings in joy, bees buzzing afresh after the season nival;<br />To join the noble services again, sprinkling the pollen, spreading the news of thy arrival.</p>
<p>Chirping birds are thy little escorts, verdure is thy welcome mat,<br />Mother nature engaged in work, planning thy welcome, a wonder to look at.<br />Thy wings are white and feathery light<br />Upon setting thy foot, the land shines bright.</p>
<p>Quaking ducklings swimming in the pond,<br />Dancing daffodils swaying to thy wand,<br />All shall rejoice to the melodious song,<br />Which thou will sing for a season long.<br /><br /></p>