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<p>Thanks so much for sending another poem.  You are a very prolific writer, it would seem.  I very much like the tone and theme of your poem. And, I love your opening line – "I am an unspoken spirit…"  What your poem suffers from, is a series of grammatical errors and misused words.  Here are a couple of examples:</p>
<p>"When you relinquish my soul without flings!"  This really doesn't translate into English very well.  In fact, I cannot determine the meaning of the line.  What is the line supposed to mean?</p>
<p>And here are some more lines that simply do not "mean" anything I can grasp hold of, in English: </p>
<p>In argle bargle like an war!</p>
<p>My worth comes like a spring</p>
<p>About the fruitful discussion in tons,</p>
<p>But, this is very nice – using alliteration and, it has meaning: "Waltzing in awakening wonders!"</p>
<p>I can only imagine how hard it is to write in a second language – hard enough to write poetry in your first language.  You are persistent, and talented, and dedicated, so I know you will eventually get to where you want to go, as a poet.</p>
<p>Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


Original Post by Tiny glowing star

The thoughts of books.

<p>The thoughts of books!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I am an unspoken spirit,</p>
<p>Communicating with the world,</p>
<p>In Striving words with thrashing crowd!</p>
<p>Oh folks, I am not for memorising,</p>
<p>To make you spend an hour,</p>
<p>In argle bargle like an war!</p>
<p>My worth comes like a spring,</p>
<p>When you relinquish my soul without flings!</p>
<p>Plain white as I am,</p>
<p>With some emotions to wear,</p>
<p>That swirls on me in the expedition!</p>
<p>Acquired with nonstop flight of words,</p>
<p>Purely of love and ponders,</p>
<p>Waltzing in awakening wonders!</p>
<p>Think for yourself once,</p>
<p>About the fruitful discussion in tons,</p>
<p>That you make with me in minds,</p>
<p>A voyage to the unknown facts, folks!</p>
<p>- swetha</p>
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