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<p>Thank you so much for sending this beautiful, intensely felt poem.  I am happy to consider it for Feature Poem of the Week. -Susan</p>


Original Post by Kirtiman Hazarika

This Uncommon Bloom

<p>The times have wandered off the clock,</p>
<p>And merged into the very air,</p>
<p>That table where I would sit and stare,</p>
<p>To will away the hours grown heavy like a rock,</p>
<p>Has faded into an ancient thing,</p>
<p>Where I once sat a churlish child,</p>
<p>Now here I am, a manling,</p>
<p>Free, unfettered but wary of the Wild;</p>
<p>A far cry from those Lucid Dreams,</p>
<p>That I would weave and prophesize,</p>
<p>With Hope bursting at the seams,</p>
<p>Of eyes unwashed, that fantasize.</p>
<p>I have now a solace in habit,</p>
<p>And no more excuses from exercise,</p>
<p>No more that spry, errant rabbit,</p>
<p>That darts away from Mother's cries;</p>
<p>The years have gone and so have I,</p>
<p>From an eager Future to Auld Lang Syne,</p>
<p>From pondering when, to pondering why?</p>
<p>Thus has changed these thoughts of mine.</p>
<p>And yet a niggling Hope has come,</p>
<p>Of having what my Father had,</p>
<p>A Dream I yearn to live, welcome,</p>
<p>A Home, A Hearth, A Love, A Lad,</p>
<p>To see him creeping inch by inch,</p>
<p>To meet his Father's proud, happy Eyes,</p>
<p>To see him grow up in a cinch,</p>
<p>To see a Man, I taught to Rise.</p>