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<p>Thank you so much for sharing your poem with me.  What a very important message you are speaking in your poem.  I know it will resonate with people.  From a poetic point of view, I would have liked to have seen more imagery (metaphor and simile) and less rhyme.  This is more of a well written talk on the hazards of alcohol and it needs to reach people on a more intense level – speaking with the voice of the poet, not the narrator.  I think you can do it – you have a great deal of potential and some fine language choices.  I would suggest you spend some time reading poetry – that's what I always do when I think I am having a problem with my writing.  Contemporary poets would be a good choice.  (Derek Wolcott – Miller Williams – Sylvia Plath – Louise Gluck – Mary Oliver and many, many more.) Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Title: Myself Alcohol😊 ; Name: Yukta Hindurao Rane

<p>Knock knock, myself alcohol!<br />Oh, are you scared of me?<br />Please don't be, I am not bad,<br />It's just sad that people misuse me.</p>
<p>Do you want to know me more?<br />Oh, come on, atleast you can explore.<br />You can call me ethanol, it's my pet name.<br />Ah, now you will recognize my strong points, why I am fame!</p>
<p>I am friends with those organic compounds,<br />Who doesn't like water, so they like to be friends with me,<br />That's why I am used in perfumes, cosmetics and markers.<br />Limited prescribed consumption of me helps you keep away from doctors.😊</p>
<p>But it's very sad to see,<br />When my fellow beings consume me to forget their pain,<br />I am not the solution, I try to speak,<br />But no one listens to me, some sell me for their gain .<br />.<br />I am not the ultimate solution to the problem,<br />I just make you forget the problem.<br />Truth , joy , pain, heartbreak will make you stronger,<br />Get away from me, celebrate every emotions within </p>
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