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To the friend..

<p>I'm not sure what we actually share, </p>
<p>Is it just friendship or something we could not stare? </p>
<p>Is it the bond about which we both are aware? </p>
<p>The only difference is.. you get to speak out everything while I just wait.. </p>
<p>I wish you were single, so we could at least be someone to eachother, </p>
<p>This bond,  though not old yet,  is something I never experienced before.. </p>
<p>I fear to tell you this.. yet I don't fear to tell you anything..</p>
<p>I'm not even sure whether you say things truly or it's just a way to slay.. </p>
<p>I just wish whatever this is.. just stay with us always.. </p>