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<p>Thank you Candice for this very lovely rewrite. While it is a little long to fit this week's request for a two-line poem, using imagery, describing a feeling, I do feel it is worth featuring and will figure out a way to do so.  You have a very light hand, using simple wording to create some lovely word pictures.  I like the parallel of the tree holding on to the leaves – and someone holding on to you.  I am still a little perplexed by your last line – but again, that's OK.  Poetry must be felt, it is not always, understood.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


Original Post by Candice

Tremble !

<p>Fear in me trembles like the trees in the breeze</p>
<p>Don't let go of me as I hold tight to the branch</p>
<p>Let the trace of fright go by</p>
<p>Clouds that darken the sky</p>
<p>Deepen the desire to be alive</p>
<p>Rooted in the hope I lie…</p>