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<p>Thou has written a very "medieval" poem with language that might be heard in a Shakespearean play.  I feel the emotional commitment in your poem and there are some lovely images (My kingdom rains (reins?)yet the sun shines, flowers bloom yet it is not spring…)</p>
<p>I do like your ending, which I feel is a bit serious, a bit tongue in cheek.  Some very lovely things here and I suspect, were you to decide to, you could write some very meaningful and impressive, contemporary poetry.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for sharing, Susan</p>


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Trojan horse

<p>What is this?tis not a warrior yet my walls it's entered <br />What thou betoken? tis omen?…nay tis new beginning?<br />I at a state of tizzy know not what to do <br />My kingdom rains yet the sun shines, flowers bloom yet it is not spring<br />My armour stripped, I reach for thee but an enemy I hope tis not</p>