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<p>Thank you for submitting your very interesting poem (with some very good lines) for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month, for June.  I appreciate you sharing it with me, Susan</p>


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Wanna join me?? By #aayushi_jain

<p>Wanna join me<br />For a cup of coffee<br />So that we can talk<br />About<br />Some <br />Unusal topics<br />.<br />Wanna join me<br />In that irritating rain<br />So that we can wash<br />Those<br />Few<br />Stupid thoughts<br />.<br />Wanna join me <br />In that poetry club<br />So that we can hear<br />Someone <br />Else's<br />Cluffy story<br />.<br />Wanna join me <br />In that teary night<br />To not to hold tears<br />Anymore<br />.<br />Do u <br />Wanna join me<br />In my screams<br />Bcoz ut hurts<br />Screaming alone….<br />.<br />Hey <br />You<br />Ya, am talking to you<br />Wanna join me??<br />In that night sky<br />Not being a moon<br />Being<br />A Star 💫<br />Feeling all emotional<br />Week<br />Strong<br />Cuddling<br />Crying<br />Romantic<br />Cold feet<br />Confused<br />Blank<br />Hey<br />Ya you<br />Wanna join me??<br />.</p>