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<p>Thank you for sending your very emotional and intensely felt poem.  One cannot help but "feel" the distress of "sleepless nights" and "efforts turned to dust."  You certainly know how to put your pain into words and often, that's exactly what poetry is all about.  We speak our "wounds" in an effort to heal them.  Thank you for sharing and know that I will add your poem to the many others I am considering for Featured Poem of the Month for July.  All best, Susan</p>


Original Post by Seema Dinesh

Wasted plans

<p style="text-align: left;">My day brighter,</p>
<p>Was lost in the night.</p>
<p>My wishes sincere,</p>
<p>Was ignored and hushed.</p>
<p>My night sleepless,</p>
<p>Was long and distraught,</p>
<p>My efforts ardous,</p>
<p>Was nothing but dust.</p>
<p>My pain knife like,</p>
<p>Was awful and hideous,</p>
<p>When my plans proposed,</p>
<p>Got buried deep and entombed….</p>