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<p>Thank you so much for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month.  I particularly liked the line, "…like all the Beauty lies in the struggle scars" – that's great!  I am so happy you chose to share your poem, it is the sharing that completes it.  All best, Susan</p>


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We'll be okay

<p>We’ll be okay</p>
<p> </p>
<p> There are times when we need to talk </p>
<p>  Yet words never come out. Sometimes things turn out really raw …where we start Losing people I know I mean, I know we’ll be okay at the end..! No matter how hard things become at times</p>
<p>  Because at the end it’s all           yours….it’s a part of you</p>
<p>I really imagine ….there is time where everything is done ..and it’s pouring out…jus sitting in a private garden chilling with a drink.. laughing out watching all the struggles and the way …jus came over them…in all the way..</p>
<p>I know…it sounds like…a fantasy but… trust me..</p>
<p>For me the most interesting people seem to have the bumpiest past ..like all the Beauty lies in the struggle scars…. Which…show up:-</p>
<p>So…won’t we celebrate …! Having a struggle…and try to solidify ..the bond….of you and me….together isn’t this enough to tell</p>
<p>                We’ll be okay :-)</p>
<p>                                          Mansi….!</p>
<p> </p>