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<p>Many thanks for submitting your poem for consideration for next week's Featured Poem of the Week.  I like the way you have contained your message in just these very few lines.  I like the way your poem begins and I like how you take it simply, clearly to a place where wings, rising above, is the answer.  I respect that English may not be your first language and so there are some moments when the poem strays because of language, but it is beautifully conceived and I truly applaud you for a job well done.  Have a very creative day, Susan</p>


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Why to crawl?

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<p dir="auto">You are born with the wings,<br />Then why to Crawl?<br />In order to rise,<br />You must have to fall.<br />Go beyond all your limits,<br />And break every wall.<br />You are born with the wings,<br />Then why to Crawl?</p>