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A question (1 reply)

2 months ago
Sarah01 2 months ago

Lately i am unable to write. Lines come to me but i can not get the poem out. I feel like any word i could write couldn't possibly measure upto my expections which isn't how i want to judge my poems at all. Poetry is in a way decorating your rawest feelings, giving it shape and a pattern but excessive refinery is bad too. Do you as a poet experience this? How can I take a step towards banishing this inner self critic 

Susan Katz
2 months ago
Susan Katz 2 months ago

Hi Sarah,

What you are experiencing is common to almost all poets, writers, play-writers - we all have those moments when words or lines are in our head, but refuse to come together in a cohesive way upon the page.  What I have always done is write down the lines as they come - don't worry about their being a part of a poem - just capture the words, the lines and put them away for another day.  Many times, when I have been going through a "dry spell" I jot down the lines that pop into my head and then discover, when I am writing whole poems again, those lines find a place into my poems or, become the inspiration for a poem.  If you must judge something - judge the quality of your writing - set standards for your poems - requiring that they possess imagery, meaningful line breaks, rhythm, occasional rhyme, hyperbole - all of the elements that make poetry, poetry.  Perhaps you should look at this as a good thing.  Writing is a bit like farming - you prepare the ground, you plant your crop, you nurture it, harvest it and then, let the fields go fallow - fertilizing them and enriching them.  It is, I think, like that with poetry - a time to harvest and a time to enrich the "soil."  I hope this helps.  I think I can guarantee you that the poems are there - waiting to be harvested.  Your friend in poetry, Susan

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