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All I want is nothing (1 reply)

3 years ago
Manideep999 3 years ago

So many questions remained unanswered in depths of our heart.
Continuing life like nothing happened has became a common art.
Like a moon hiding behind the dark clouds of the night.
Somewhere in the long way, we have lost our will to fight.
People stopped living and started learning the ways to survive and to pretend.
They gave up hopes and dreams and became an empty space which has no start, no end.
Life became a painful cycle where misery repeats itself in every turn.
Like a giant curse struck mankind with the point of no return.
Eyes are dead, words are shallow and feelings became numb in this life forever.
Just like how a dead fish which goes with the flow in the river.
How long will you pretend that everything is normal and it is the way it is.
Not every wind that travels can become a cool breeze.
Why we get only nightmares that are attached to our heart way too deep.
Why do we have to wake up everyday all of a sudden from our deep sleep.
How long should we continue to weep with these unshed tears from our eyes.
How long should we continue to survive in this fake happiness, in this one big lie.
I am done with this dark empty night, neither I wish to see sunshine in the dawn of tomorrow.
All I wish is to close my eyes and see nothing, feel nothing, do nothing and hope this will end my sorrow.

Susan Katz
3 years ago
Susan Katz 3 years ago

Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for our Featured Poem of the Week.  Such powerful emotion certainly gives your poem great substance and meaning.  Thank you for sharing it with me, Susan

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