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Christmas delight. (1 reply)

Tiny glowing star
2 months ago
Tiny glowing star 2 months ago


Christmas delight.


Joyful Carols

Fills one's heart with happiness,

Christmas trees

That spreads beauty of season!


Laughs of people

Flourishes moments with pleasing sounds,

Exchange of presents

That brings beaming smiles in surprise.


Children's anticipation

Towards a saint with reindeers,

Shimmering snowman

That stands tall with kids amusement!


Jingle bells,

That rings the day with pleasure,

Cathedral bells,

Which marks the day with harmonious rings.

- Swetha.







Susan Katz
2 months ago
Susan Katz 2 months ago

What a lovely "picture" of the holiday.  Gentle, like a lazy snowfall - with beautiful references to that which is most meaningful about this holiday season.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember how to just embrace the beauty of the season.  Your poem reminds us of that.  - Susan

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