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EVERYTIME (1 reply)

2 years ago
mypoems126 2 years ago

Everytime our eyes meet , 

You tell me a story .

That story which was never told ,

And which makes love run down till my feet .


Everytime I look into your eyes ,

You grant me with kindness .

Which makes me think ,

What would it be if you were mine ?


Everytime we meet each other ,

My heart sinks in the ocean deep .

Which makes me think ,

What would it be if you always stayed by my side ?


Everytime our hands touch so close ,

I feel the warmth of your skin still .

Which makes me think ,

What would it be if you never let me go ?


Everytime we have words with each other ,

My lips keeps shuddering shy .

Which makes me think ,

What would it be if our souls kissed shamelessly ?


Everytime we end up together ,

I solemnly wish for this while , to not end .

Which makes me think ,

What would it be if we were meant to be ?



And all I yearned for was a forever ,

But that was an eerie for the heavens in glee.

Shattered into pieces , it suddenly fell ,

My heart broke down , seeking answers for me .


For all that was given , it's love ,

And maybe that heart of yours was never mine . 

Also this one here , I have lost that too ,

But even in these times , I had our moments to confine .



This throbbing heart of mine stay ,

Getting lost into these gloaming thoughts of blue . 

Sanguinely searching for a shimmer of your desire ,

My achy heart just waits , to be loved by you .



And now I knw , 

To bow down when in need and To stand 

up in every fall . 

As my heart have realised , 

What you gave me other than pain . 

You gifted me the ecstasy of never ,

Being in melancholy again . 





Susan Katz
2 years ago
Susan Katz 2 years ago

Many thanks for submitting your poem for consideration for next week's Featured Poem of the Week.  I very much appreciate that English is not your first language but, in spite of that, you have written a poem that is powerful, passionate, purposeful, and heartfelt.  I feel the emotion and the longing, the hope and the disappointment - and then, the resolution to move on and never let your heart suffer that kind of hurt again.  Good job!  Have a wonderfully creative day, Susan

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