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Far Away From Here 🏞️ (submitting for weekly featured poems) (1 reply)

3 years ago

Lets get far away from here towards the bright sun,

Into the different world of imagery,

Where there is bright light coming from the sun,

Where there is no sign of depressed thoughts and sad memories,

Where there are no manual roofs over your head,

Where the only thing you can see is greenery, 

And the blissful nature till miles away,

Where you can run as long as you want, 

Without any restrictions and obstacles pressurising you,

Where people won't get judged by the talents, coverings, properties and the looks neither inside nor the out,

Where there are no pair of eyes staring at us,

Where there is no technology beaming through every corner,

Just like it's in this messed up world,

Where there will be no shelter to save yourself from the heavy water showers from the pure blue sky,

And only be the huge broad trees your homes,

Where you could feel the olive grasses underneath your bare foot,

And see the meadows glittering on those green tips,

Cold, refreshing and cotton soft,

Where the only voice you hear is the animals speaking and the pirates soothing,

Ecoed, distanced and calming,

Where the only thing that will harm you will be your death by the time it's destined,

Where you have nothing to do but just stare deep at the night starry sky and the longed clear lakes,

Where the sheeps run by,

And the elephants bathed through,

Where there are trees waving along with the wind,

And you left wondering behind.

Lets get far away from here towards the endless vibes,

Into this different world of perfection. 



Susan Katz
3 years ago
Susan Katz 3 years ago

Lovely poem and I am so grateful that you chose to send it in to be considered for Featured Poem of the Week.  I will be announcing the winner in my Friday newsletter and posting the winning poem on the Featured Poem of the Week page.  Good Luck, Susan

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