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Hack Poetry (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
m_uzair_ans 2 weeks ago

For the splendid art of versification    

I have found an adoration recently    

But uninitiated in it's intricacies    

Is quite sadly what I happen to be    


I possess no knowledge of composition   

Nor do I know of devices poetic    

Yet through utilization of some hacks    

My verses turn out far from pathetic    


In the sea of my subpar linguistic skills    

On tides of vocabularic deficiency    

My boat of hack poetry stays afloat    

Due to my thesaurus raiding frequency    


A simple consistency of syllables    

Effectively conceals my incompetence    

And by the grace of fancy synonyms    

I merrymake in my feigned eloquence    


My expertise in the concept of rhythm    

Is a hundred percent non-existent    

so I switch and shift my words around

Until the piece sounds fairly pleasant


Very shamelessly I search the internet    

In pursuit of rhymes for the words I tote   

And in this way despite my shortcomings

I row forth in my hack poetry boat    


Susan Katz
2 weeks ago
Susan Katz 2 weeks ago

Love this!  While, as a poet and teacher of poetry, I might find places where editing would work, I'm just going to say - well done!  You captured a wonderful feeling and elicited a hearty chuckle.  Thank you so much for sharing your "poetry hack!"  - Susan

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