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Happy Diwali (2 replies and 1 comment)

Riya Jaiswal
1 month ago
Riya Jaiswal 1 month ago

A little girl

shining brown skin

hands outstretched, clenching metal coins.

She wanted 'parle kiss me'

the shop-keeper busied himself.

She stood there in silence

metal coins clattering in her fist,

her chestnut almond eyes met mine,

small face wandering with tight lips.

I held her gaze, locked in mine;

smiled and waved her a 'hii'.

Her innocent eyes flickered 

and returned me a wave.

I must say she looked more beautiful

with that contrast of white teeth

on her bronze face.

Both of us gleamed when I said,

"Happy Diwali"

That cute lil stranger wished 

me back in full delight

and that's how this story ends

with that girl unwrapping her sweet 

bouncing away from the shop

and I sat back thinking

somebody smiled because of me,

how better this festive day can be?

Susan Katz
1 month ago
Susan Katz 1 month ago

Thank you for your exuberant and multiple submissions.  I'm afraid, time constraints make it impossible for me to respond to all your poems.  If you would let me know which one poem you would like me to work on with you, I will be happy to offer edits and suggestions.  I do understand the desire to write and share and get feedback, but I get multiple submissions and cannot respond to more than one poem, per poet, at a time - you might want to resubmit poems - one at a time - at a later date.  Again, thank you for your interest in poetry and poetladykatz.com  - Susan

Riya Jaiswal
1 month ago

I understand you Susan. If i would have been at your place, i myself would have been quite overwhelmed. Despite that I'm extremely grateful for you to offer me help and feedback. I'll like to first work upon the poem "Ukiyo" i submitted lately. I'll re-share others later... one at a time. 🙂

Susan Katz
1 month ago
Susan Katz 1 month ago

I will try to get to it tomorrow morning.  I've had some issues with my technical teams - due to illness, so things are a little backed up.  Thank you so much for understanding.  - Susan

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