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This is a place to “talk” poetry with someone who has loved it all her life. I have a true passion for the possibilities of poetry and would love to hear your thoughts and/or read your poem. I will be happy to offer my reaction to your work and, based on over 40 years of teaching poetry, organizing, and conducting poetry workshops, working as a book review editor for an international poetry magazine, authoring five books of poetry and two textbooks on teaching poetry, send along my thoughts on ways to make your poem stronger and more impactful.

If you’re on my site, you have a connection to poetry. Feel free to connect with me – right here -right now, by typing your message into the “chat box” and clicking send. I’m waiting…


Your friend in poetry, Susan

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How did you know? (1 reply)

4 months ago
Sarah01 4 months ago

How did you know that this was it- your Passion for poetry, teaching and workshops and all of it. How did u realise it? 

How do you cope with the knowledge of who you are: "how do you write a fearless, unafraid, bold  poem?"- that's my question 

Susan Katz
4 months ago
Susan Katz 4 months ago

Hi Sarah - interesting questions but, in the end, easy to answer.  I fell in love with poetry at my father's knee, when he read me the poems of Rudyard Kipling.  I wanted to read poetry, write poetry and yes, become a poet - from that first day when I heard my Father reading "On the Road to Mandalay."  I was hypnotized by the fact that words could paint pictures, take me on journeys, make me feel excitement, joy, sadness, and wonder.  I had many side trips on my way to becoming a full-time poet, teacher, consultant, workshop leader but, through all those years I wrote, had my work published, had books come out and each of those events supported my goals of doing what I do now.  If there's a poet inside of you, you will know it, you will feel it, and it is who you are and what you will do with your life.  Poetry is a calling, it chooses you, not the other way around.  So, if you're wondering if you're a poet, let your heart lead you.  I never questioned that poetry and I would become intimate, lifelong friends.  And so we have.  I hope this answers your question.  Let me know if you'd like to talk more about "becoming - being" a poet.  Your friend in poetry, Susan

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