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I Feel (1 reply)

1 year ago
Monisha 1 year ago


A glance is enough to make me feel,


To make me feel loved and wanted and beautiful.


A touch is enough to make me feel


To make me feel alive and young and Existing.


When I gaze upon him, in all his glory and finess,


I can feel a stirring, deep deep inside me


When I touch my lips to his,

The stars in my eyes shine so bright.


As we bind together like raindrops becoming one with the sea,


The world trembles and explodes and shatters to pieces


And as I sigh with pleasure and joy,


His name upon my lips, his arms around me, his heart next to mine.


I feel


I feel loved and wanted and beautiful and alive.


Susan Katz
1 year ago
Susan Katz 1 year ago

What a lovely and joyful poem, showing us, not only your writing skills, but your personal ability to speak your joy.  Thank you so much for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month for December. 

I like that you have used imagery (As we bind together like raindrops becoming one with the sea...) - very nice - would love to have seen an image for "shattered" like/into???  Nobody should ever be as critical of a poem, as the poet who wrote it.  I often go back a dozen or more times, changing a word here - then putting it back the way it was - seeking a stronger image and looking for ways to make my poem the best it can be.  The work of the poet - editing!

Your friend in poetry, Susan


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