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Justice through eyes of victin (1 reply)

3 years ago
Anubha 3 years ago

I may sound just a thought or just lame but for the victim it's all the life around in game

Justice is not just emotion that the victim feels

 it's something which the heart saying that you are correct ,

and the person who did this is one with mistake


In the heaven and hell ,

this word still hails ,

for many it's very important to get their crossed and missed lanes of line straight again


Justice makes no difference they say

But wait do you know what feeling the victims who felt the pain at that moment feels

They would use other victims if you don't raise voice

 They shall treat the other same as you 

If you remain like unturned dice


the other would ask you why you didn't raise voice .. You would have no answer just nod down in your choice


Justice once prevail can lead a better place to live.

Once invested these devils can be sent to hell and for slay

Come out with banners and shut the world of injustice 

don't fear of shame

 few days it's effect will get your inner strengthen and this world something would become something worth to live


Susan Katz
3 years ago
Susan Katz 3 years ago

Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration as Featured Poem of the Week.  Your powerful poem is filled with energy and emotion and speaks to a cause.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  I wish you a very happy and creative day, Susan

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