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Life. An endless strip of road (1 reply)

3 weeks ago
Comfort 3 weeks ago

I’m tired of being on the road

Lonely as a drifting pedal

Bound only by the scent I’ve stained on your clothes

Bound only by the memory you can not relinquish



You slow my ascendance



If beath by a rope:

let it not tie you to sad memories

If beath by a blade:

Let it not cut wounds that can not be healed

Instead let it spear away the pain

If beath by pills:

Know I dreamt of you in my slumber as I was carried away into heaven's palace

Susan Katz
3 weeks ago
Susan Katz 3 weeks ago

Sorry for the delay in responding to your submission.  The holidays really mess up schedules!

Your poem is truly well written and creates a mood and expresses your feelings through some lovely images.  I would suggest that "beath" be replaced by simply saying "by"  "If by a blade..." for example.  I know you are going for a classical touch, but not sure it works with that particular word.

Really good job - well written - and captures the imagination.  Write on -


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