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Name - Suhaib Malik , Email Address - suhaib_ashfaq@yahoo.co.in, Title of Poem: What Is Love? (1 reply)

2 years ago
Suhaib 2 years ago

What is Love?

Love is the sum of everything that is and everything that is not,

Love is that thing for which some people have cried and some people have fought.

Love is the wind beneath our wings and the brilliance in the stars,

Love is the thing that lights up your life but also that thing which will sit with you in the dark.

Love is the sum of everything that is wrong and everything that is right,

Love is that which will follow you throughout the day and will guide you through the night .

Love is the thing which will not let you get lost in the wilderness and will not loose you in a crowd ,

Love can be found in the the breaking of dawn and also in a rainbow over a cloud.

Love is the force with which we have to let go of what’s killing us even if it’s killing us to let go,

And love is the thing which drives all the fear away and will let you cry no more.

Love is the horrors of nightmares and wonders of dreams,

Love is the most remarkable and strongest force, always there but never seen

Love is the scream and cry of a mother while giving birth,

Love is the joy and laughter of hers when her child takes his first steps on the Earth.

Love is many things but above all it’s an endless pit,

That’s why you fall in love and don’t rise in it.

In the end love is just an act of letting go,

Because what you reap is not always what you sow.

Love is the pain in a single memory and the happiness in a single thought,

Love is the sum of everything that is and everything that is not.


                                             — Suhaib Malik

Susan Katz
2 years ago
Susan Katz 2 years ago

This is a very well written, very well thought out poem.  I love the contrasts that you play with, within the lines and the way you connect them to the rest of the poem. A powerful and meaningful poem,.  Thank you for sharing,


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