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"O dear poetry" (1 reply and 1 comment)

Fahad Khalique
2 weeks ago
Fahad Khalique 2 weeks ago

O dear poetry!

Get me to the realm of Wordsworth
So that I could elaborate on nature
Candle some imaginative thoughts in my mind
So that I could also celebrate you.

O dear Poetry!

Take me to the Dover Beach
Where I could encounter what Milton and other poets had
Throw me on the ship of those pilgrimages
Where everyone had to express two stories

O dear Poetry!

I'm scribbling right now to homage you
To bestow some kind of fraction to literature
Though I'm neither Keats nor Shelley
But I crave to go beyond them in imagination.

O dear poetry!

send Calliope in my dream
I wish to exchange some words with her
Bring some blessings of Aphrodite
I want to bride her for my beloved.

Susan Katz
2 weeks ago
Susan Katz 2 weeks ago

Good Morning Fahad Khalique and thank you so very much for sharing your poem with me.  I love your sentiment - I love how you "speak" to poetry and how you revive the old masters and their voices.

I might suggest bringing the poem into the present tense - using "can" instead of "could."  That makes it seem immediate and we picture you with pen in hand or at your computer, trying to compose the poem - now, this very minute.  I would also suggest that you go through the poem and if there is a place where a word is not necessary, remove it.  Example:

Though I'm neither Keats nor Shelley
But I crave to go beyond them in imagination. ( I crave to pass them in imagination - or - I crave to go beyond their imaginations...)

In poetry, today at least, less is more.  Again, thanks so much for sharing and do please keep on writing - find that imagination and let it flow onto the page.  Your friend in poetry, Susan


Fahad Khalique
2 weeks ago

Gratitude Galore,
I'll rectify it.
Thanks a lot for the instant reviews and kind suggestions.

May i contact you through Instagram ( totally after your concern & permit )? Because there I can regularly put my queries and receive valuable insights from you. I genuinely wish to go beyond in poetry and for that, I need your mentorship.
( if you find it neglectable then kindly you can ).
Your friend in poetry,
Fahad Khalique.

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